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How To Write A Movie

A Basic Guide

By Dorian Scott Cole

All Rights Reserved

Published in print by National Writers Workshop with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences support as: How To Write A Screenplay: A Guide For High School Students. It was intended as an aid, not curriculum.

Copyright © 1994 Dorian Scott Cole

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You can read this guide like a book if you want, or select topics at random from the Contents below or from each page. To read this like a book, click the colored text with the double underlines at the end of each topic and section. To return to a previous topic, click the "Back" button at the top. Click the Back button repeatedly to return to a topic that is several jumps back. To get started, click the Quick Start Summary.

Suggestion: most of the articles are based on the example story, Prom Date. Read it first.


This how to series is available in separate topic pages (see Contents), or as a single HTML download for single computers. How To Write A Movie (screenplay)


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