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Story ideas

 Story Ideas

Copyright © 1997 - 2017 Dorian Scott Cole

These attempt to be thought provoking ideas to challenge writers to write better stories. Ideas can't be copyrighted, but if you use a fully developed idea from these pages it is customary to give credit - you won't get sued if you don't, or charged if you do. You will find a list of story suggestions at the end of each topic.

The Ransom of Santa Clause! (Comedy story idea)

Fleeing Pandemic: Industry captain takes several friends with him to avoid the pandemic

Dead, Dead, Dead: The main character dies on page 1 - Comedy

Paranoia: Psychological thriller. A skeptic finds paranoia is real as he fights for his life.

Mars Problems: The race to Mars gets treacherous.

!Reality fiction - live ! A story idea about real writers and for real writers.

Fooman (Drama)

Story idea: One Week To Live (Drama)

No Mirrors (futuristic)

US Slavery - Human Trafficking

Mister Mister (Medical drama)

Krahri - The Composite Soul (Science Fiction)

The Day The Civil War Was Lost

Living Conditions

Is Your Idea Any Good?

Story ideas with mystery at their heart.

A writing project about alienation and resolving conflict.
This project is also meant for opposing writers or opposing teams.

Trip and Trap Save California
A fully developed story outline

What are the keys to a successful marriage?
Story ideas about marriage

Who are we, really?
Story ideas about personality change, or who we really are?

Prophecy: Hysteria or Certain Doom?
Story ideas about terrorists, battles, and reconciliation

Lessons from Purgatory
A play idea involving famous people we won't let die.

I Really Don't Know Anything!
A psychiatrist realizes he isn't listening, and thinks his clients are stupid.

Business Y2K+
What future will we make for ourselves?

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