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Improvisational scenes are not done from scripts, but are produced adlib by actors. The actors make them up as they go, without any guidance. They are narratives (stories), but the ending might be abrupt as actors run out of places to go and the story drags. They may last for a few seconds, to long form improv narrative that lasts an hour or longer with scene breaks.

To get these started there is typically some kind of vague idea or theme which may be suggested by the audience.

The cardinal rule in improv is that whatever one actor-character says, you just go with the flow. And be imaginative. To keep scenes interesting and continuing, on improv or any story, create change frequently. Use facial expressions and body language - these are 90% of the effectiveness of communications.

To keep these going, use the "switch" technique. For example, someone might say, "Let's not land in Kansas. Let's land in DC."

It's a great way for character actors to create unique characters. It's also a way to learn the Meisner acting technique of listening and reacting.

Scene theme ideas will be added as I create them.

Following are improv scenes suggestions:

  1. You are aliens about to land in Kansas.
  2. One or two of you enter into another person's dream, uninvited.

More information on improv: Pan Theater

- Dorian

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