Privacy Policy, Visual Writer Website

Privacy Policy

Your comfort level regarding Internet security, and protection of your security, are prime concerns of this Web site. This page declares for your knowledge the privacy policy for the Visual Writer, and all content pages,plus the use of privacy relevant technology.

The intention of this site is to permit anonymous and unrestricted public access to content and links (with the exception ICRA rated pages). Providing your name or other information will not be required for use of the public areas of this site, and no attempt will be made to routinely collect personal information from site visitors, except on the Visual Writer Blog for registration, or as opt-in need arises.

Personal information is information associated with a person's name, such as real name, credit card information, viewing habits and preferences, etc.

Generally names and personal information are not collected on this site except for Blog and Newsletter registration. No reputable technology currently is in use on the Internet that can collect and record your name, credit card numbers, or other personal information without your knowingly supplying that information. (Collection without your knowledge would require the invasion of your computer and would probably be illegal, and definitely unethical.)

This site will not collect any personal information (that is, information associated with your name) without your authorization and without telling you the full extent of what the information will be used for.

This site does not collect names, or information associated with names, for exchange, sale, or distribution.

If your name is supplied or requested, your name and personal information will not be published on the Internet or in any way made public. If a variation of your name is ever used, for example for a solicited or unsolicited comment, it will be in the form of first name and last initial. Example: "Scott C."

E-mail and other forms of communication are not used for sources of information or comments. Comments and "testimonials" are not taken from e-mail messages, and your name and e-mail address will not be used.

In the event that bulletin board type postings are used, if the person posting the note includes his name, then his name will appear.

"Cookies" may be used to personalize your viewing. The only "personal" information that cookies are able to hold is the information that you put in them - and your name and other personal information will not be requested. Cookies are only available to the domain from which they came (such as They can not be read by other Web sites or anyone else on the Web. The exception is banners within frame sets, which report to data sites. This site does not use or allow this type of technology.

When possible, if your name, credit card, or other personal information is requested (for example, for an event registration), it will be done over a secure connection. Secure connections are for practical purposes100% safe - much safer than paper type transactions. Information will be kept secure. To date, secure server communciations has been offered by any server hosting VisualWriter.

Data is routinely collected by standard programs for this site, such as WebTrends, which tells the number of "hits" on some pages, and indicates the general geographic area, type of browser, and referring or linked sites.