Ratings and Sensitivity Policy, Visual Writer Website

Your comfort level in using the content on this site is a prime concern of this Website. The site is not for children under age 12, and mature themes may necessarily be present in some topics that parents of children under age 12 may find inappropriate.

This policy does not apply to the Blog. The Blog may contain content posted by site users that is beyond the reasonable ability of the site admin to control. Offensive content will be removed when noticed, and filters are set to automatically remove most objectionable content.

Effort is made to ensure that the content remains as accessible to the public as possible and that individual viewers are not exposed to any content with which they, parents, or teachers would be uncomfortable. There is no pornography or "X" rated, or other "adult" material on this site. Material that is not suitable for young children was rated to block children's access, but it is unknown if the Internet rating system is still in effect or supported by all browsers.

Four methods are employed for minimizing offensive content:

Avoidance: The general content is targeted for a family and education oriented audience. Generally material that some might find objectionable is simply not used, depending on need and merit.

Warnings and Jumps: The site content is meant to be thought provoking and to stimulate creativity and proactive thought, and may at times be controversial. Sections of text or stories which might disturb sensitive individuals are preceded by warnings and often have "jump" links around the text so that no one should be reading material that they might possibly find offensive.

Ratings: For those who use content screening for their own comfort or their children, Internet Content Ratings Association (ICRA) (Prior RSACi) ratings are employed on all site content especially to prevent viewing for material not suitable for young children. These ratings are

Some editing tools remove the ICRA meta tags from pages, unknown to the page designer. Meta tags also sometimes get corrupted. Unauthorized circulation of pages can also occur, and tags can be removed. Frames may also interfere. If a page rating appears not to be working, these are probably the reasons why, and you are encouraged to notify Scott at the address below.