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American Pie, II
2001, Universal
Directed by J.B. Rogers
Story, characters, and screenplay by Adam Herz

This movie is about: Sex. Friendship - it doesn't change. Sex. Change - everyone changes. Sex. love. Sex. Every man's wish - plenty of willing women and some experienced women to teach them. Sex. Every woman's wish, someone who will seriously love her, not just want her for sex. Sex. Summer vacation - a time to play, a time to grow up. Sex. Getting comfortable with your sexuality. Sex. Getting comfortable with everyone's brand of sexuality. Sex. Getting confidence. Sex. Finding who you are, and being it. Sex.

All of the laughs are not in the TV advertising. There are plenty more in this genuinely funny movie.

The original cast of the first American Pie returns for summer vacation at a cabin on the lake. Three characters deliver delightful performances. Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), still obsessed with Stifler's mom, has taken up the oriental love arts to perfect the experience. Stifler (Seann William Scott) is convinced he is the original primordial love prototype. And in Jim's (Jason Biggs) beach baggage is the worry that his one sexual encounter in life will neither present him well for another, nor sustain a relationship. Jim turns to old girlfriend Michelle (Alysan Hannigan) for instruction in the art of lo... uh, sex. It's just about sex.

The story is much more farce than comedy. Although the writing does a good job of drawing humor out of situations, this movie has too many characters to develop a consistent storyline, and it is really about too many things, which saps the power to entertain. This is a story in need of focus. But it is good for a few light-hearted laughs that poke fun at who we are and the amazing but hilarious situations that we somehow get ourselves into.

I give this one three spotlights out of a possible five for the minimal accomplishments in amusing entertainment, acting, cinematography, music selection, and directing. It is rated R for strong sexual content, crude humor, language, and drinking. Enjoy!

- Dorian


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- Dorian Scott Cole

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