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Scale 1 - 5
2001, Universal
Directed by Lain Softley
Screenplay by Charles Leavitt,
adapted from a novel by Gene Brewer

Can a psychiatrist for one minute let down his guard and explore a reality beyond his own? What if the delusion is reality? Can a delusional person create a world so real, so convincing, that there is no escape?

Prot (Kevin Spacey) claims to have arrived on Earth on a beam of light, on vacation from the planet K-PAX. To the medical community, this shouts "delusional." But everything else about Prot seems normal, eccentric perhaps, but normal. Yet he knows things that the best astrologers don't know - or at least he makes sense to them. Was he an astrologer? He seems to have a way with people, even people with psychosis, that moves them toward wellness. Is this synchronicity because he understands them all too well - he too suffers from psychosis?

A terrible secret finally uncovered from his past suggests Prot is on vacation from himself. But in ferreting out the secret, Dr. Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges) comes face to face with himself, and by the end realizes who Prot is, and who he himself should be.

This is an absorbing drama and only presents some slight jolts when the character Prot makes some diagnosis, or misdiagnosis, about the ills of Earth's larger society.

The viewer may not realize until later how few set locations there are in this movie. But the ticking clock, the tight integration of the story action with the sets, the mystery and suspense - all combine to make this a very absorbing drama.

Two top actors, Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges, portray the main characters, in excellent performances. This story gets 4 spotlights for writing, acting, directing, production design, casting, and editing. It carries a PG-13 rating. Enjoy!

- Dorian


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  • 1 Spotlight: Caution - not recommended for any audience (will probably never be given)

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- Dorian Scott Cole

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