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Advanced Writing
Advanced Writing
Advanced Writing
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Advanced Writing
















Portions adapted from Writers Workshop Script Doctor

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Information on these pages is for writers who want to perfect their writing by raising their skills and writing standards to a very accomplished stage.

Writing for a visual medium; using words to form images

The craft of writing

  • Getting the Concept Right - Saving American Idol.
  • The Writer's Craft - Views
  • How To Engage The Audience
  • Engaging the Audience with Questions
  • Not "Just The Facts" In Stories
  • Honoring Comedy
  • Using Concept To Focus The Story
  • Emotional Distancing
  • Originality - Stretch Your Writing Skills
  • Originality - Outrun Tired, Predictable Storylines
  • Writing In Sequences
  • Five Power Points In Stories
  • Base The Story On Character Or Situation?
  • Choosing A Genre
  • Realism: Where To Draw The Line
  • Dialogue


    The writing processes

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