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Welcomes from around the world

Many languages and regions rarely use a word for "Welcome." Some don't have a word for welcome at all. So other common greetings from people around the world are on this list, such as namaste, g'day, hey, olá, and shalom.

欢迎光临 (huān yíng guāng lín) "Welcome to my place of business," or 欢迎 (huān yíng) "Welcome to my home," in Chinese.
Bienvenido - Peru
The Hindi salutation "Namaste," means 'I bow to the divine within you'.
The Hebrew greeting "Broochim Habaim" literally means "Blessed are those who come" or guests.
"Selamat Datang" is a traditional Bruneian greeting to welcome arriving visitors, guests and friends. With it comes a fervent hope for a most pleasurable stay.
Willkommen - German
Swaagatam - Hindi (India, Bengladesh, Pakistan, etc.)
Sveiki - Lithuanian
Welkom -Dutch
Bienvenue - French
The Israeli greeting/fairwell "Shalom" means "Peace."
Bienvenida - Spanish
Dga' bsu - Tibetan
Hosgeldiniz - Turkish
Bem-vindo - Portuguese
HuanYing - Korean, Chinese
Benvenuto - Italian
G'day - Australian - literally have a good day
Latcho Drom - Gypsy, or better know as Rom (Lacho - good; Drom - road or way)
Välkommen - Swedish
Welkom - Afrikaans
Mubuhay - Tagalog, means: Have a good life.
Bonvenon - Esperanto
Kööwôôkwas - Native Iroquois American: (Mintos)
Kalosirthate - Greek
Dobro pozalovat - Russian
Usuhoshipsiyo - Taiwanese
Miresevini - Shqip (Albanian, Slavok)
Sambutan - Indonesian
youkoso - Japanese
Merhba - Maltese
Wealdià - Catalan
Bon biní - Papiamento - Afro-Creole Portuguese: native language of the leeward Dutch Caribbean population; Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao - ABC islands
Croeso! - Wales (Welsh)
Olá - Portuguese-Brazilian: an informal way to introduce yourself in any place (party, office, friends and even job meetings) in Brazil
Fáilte - Irish (Gaelic) welcome
Witajcie! - Polish
Hey! - "Hey" is a common US expression, synonymous with "hi" or "hello," and very common in the Southeast US, but used everywhere.
Ongi etorri! - basque (Euskera)
Velkommen - Danish
Barka da zuwa! - Hausa language welcome, Nigeria
Byenveni! means welcome in creole
Dobro dojdovte! means welcome in Macedonian
Cead Mile Fáilte! is a Gaelic welcome
Anyong! : Korean, Hello! (casual)
Anyonghee haseyo! : Korean, Hello! (formal)
Assalam-o-alaikum! : an Arabic/ Urdu greeting meaning hello or welcome (literally "peace be on you"). Respond: "Allah Hafiz" (May Allah protect you)
Bine ati venit! : Romanian Welcome
Ahlan! : Lebanese - means "you're welcome," as if you are among your nearest and dearest ones.
Karibu ! : Welcome in swahili.
Tervetuloa! : Welcome in Finnish.
Groetjes! : Little Greetings. Dutch.
Benvingut! : Benvingut is the way we catalans say Welcome and it means the same as in english Ben=Well & Vingut=Come.
Keuwawata! - Hopi native American
Ha'ándáh! - Apachi native American (Literally "come in")
Aya aya! - Miami native American
Komeekha! - Mohican native American (Literally "be at home")
Yah aninááh! - Navajo native American
'Á-cim! - Nez Perce native American
Myu! - Paipai native American
Bozho! - Potowatami native American
Va'ohtama! - Cheyenne native American
Ant chukoa! - Choctaw native American
Hau koda! - Dakota native American
She:kon! - Mohawk (Kanienkehaka)
Haere mai! Maori - Native New Zealanders (Most of New Zealand speaks English)