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How To Get People to Do Anything You Want.

Copyright © 2012 Dorian Scott Cole

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How To Get People to Do Anything You Want.

  1. Be wealthy and influential, and want something that benefits you.
  2. Talk to people who are sympathetic to the way you are leaning.
  3. Support their issues, and choose one emotionally charged one.
  4. Get your community talking every day about that single issue.
  5. Get them worked up about the issue, so it is compelling.
  6. Get them to see how unjust and important the issue is, and it must be changed.
  7. Get them to struggle to get that issue before others, plus your issue.
  8. Make them very paranoid that almost everyone is against them.
  9. Lie and stack up unrelated facts about other's opposition. Teach hate.
  10. Get them to insist that the single issue be changed, and support your issue.
  11. Make sure they will not support anything but that issue, and your issue.
  12. Convince them that this issue must be won at all costs, and your issue supported.
  13. Convince them that so much injustice is going on, they need to change it, even if it means dying.
  14. Make them insanely furious about the issue, and the only way now to change it is sacrifice yourself.
  15. Give them a gun or an explosive vest, and point them at a target - it's the only relief for their extreme frustration.

This is how Al Qaida, the Taliban, and other terrorist groups work. The political parties in the US are now on #12 or 13. Feeling manipulated? Polarization is dangerous. Be careful how you communicate.

- Scott

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