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Free Genre: Comedy. Length: Novella - PG, 14 and over.

Unauthorized Access Dion demands justice and a rewarding career making a difference in people's lives, but... be careful what you demand. Nothing is ever as it seems with his clients and they drive him crazy. His "come here, get girlfriend and clients try to be good, but it's hard work keeping them all out of jail. Justice narrowly prevails at this nexus of the individual and larger questions about justice. Genre: Legal dramedy, Suspense

Free How To Write A Screenplay. PG, 14 and over.

How To Write A Screenplay Writers Workshop basic guide, Edition 3. Designed as a fun, basic guide to get writers writing their screenplays immediately. This covers the basics of plot, characters, dialogue, and screenplay format. It was designed by Dorian Scott Cole, a development analyst, for Writers Workshop, L.A. in their program for high schools, with printing assistance from the American Film Institute. Genre: nonfiction

Free Genre: Fantasy. PG, 14 and over.

Liars Truth A corrupt governor dies in a fit of stupidity. He is uncertain of his life standing, so finds himself journeying in Hell. He is given a second chance, and is assigned to find damaged and lost, but wonderfully colorful souls in Hell, from any time period, who might redeem themselves through a second chance, and bring this rogues gallery into situations to better themselves in a new town in Asphedolus. The Too Stupid To Live series.