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Most Denier Studies Not Replicable

What would happen if you took the climate change denier studies and tried to replicate them, using the same data. Well, a group of scientists did that, and found all 38 of those studies had errors. Once the errors were fixed, they no longer supported that climate is not changing.

To be completely fair, a lot of "scientific" studies don't hold water. They have intentional or unintentional errors that enable them to say just what their authors want them to say. In 2015, studies in psychology and economics were put to the test. Half of both of those could not be successfully replicated with the same result.

How junk is junk science? Not just by half. All 38 of the climate change denier studies could not be replicated. Junk is junk.

Here’s what happens when you try to replicate climate contrarian papers - The Guardian UK