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Be Careful What You Wish For

One lesson from the BREXIT vote is clear. Be careful what you wish for. Be careful of how you knee-jerk react. Be careful of the rabble and biased that you stir up. Be careful how you protest vote.

Too many British voters have buyer's remorse. Exit was not what they intended. They intended to deliver a message that they were upset.

US voters are upset. Recent changes in the US have been rapid, and people haven't had the decades needed to adjust like they did over acceptance of divorce. There is no statistical evidence that the US Congress has cared in any way what the US public thinks, for decades. Congress does legislation about what they want, and what their gerrymandered constituents want, public opinion be damned. People are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it any more. Trump is the middle finger to Congress, rising from a party that died from internal strain and failure to adapt. Message sent.

At some point cooler heads have to prevail. People wanted change with Obama. They want change with Trump. But what change? As usual, there is great division in the electorate itself. Voters need to send a clear message. Republican leaders say they are not going to change their platform significantly from the last election. Trump will be left to go it alone with Congress. The Democratic platform committee has been influenced by Sanders, however the candidate is not bound to the platform any more than the Republicans are. Both candidates could go off the rails.

The differences between the two candidates, presumptive nominees, are:

One represents the populist idea of sticking a thumb in their eye and turning back toward a more 1950s nation in which: Cultural changes are ignored or reversed. Less money influence in politics. Climate change is a hoax. More energy from petroleum. Government intervention in individual rights. Populist vote, not elitism. Build walls to keep us separate from others. No limits on guns. Boost the economy (business) to boost wages (a thoroughly tried and totally discredited idea). Defeat ISIS and stop terrorists entering through immigration (most terrorism in the US is from within, not from immigrants). Turn back ObamaCare (despite success and people don't want this to happen).

The other represents the populist idea of incremental moves toward a future in which: More tolerance of others lifestyles. Improving the wages of the people. Debt free college. Bridge from coal to natural gas to clean energy. Use climate change to boost our economy. TPP agreement must produce [US] jobs, raise wages, & protect security (a requirement usually not met by international trade agreements which increase trade for some US businesses while taking away jobs in others). Not beholden to Super PACs or Wall Street (unproven). Supports closing gun loopholes that let the wrong people get guns. Medicare-for-all is not economically feasible, but supports incremental change. No safe haven for terrorists anywhere in the world.

Selected candidate information is from On The Issues

Essentially its regressive VS incremental progressive. Go back to an older way of life, or slowly move forward to confront the problems we have. It will be interesting to see how the American people vote.

The UK Parliament should regard the BREXIT vote as a kneejerk reaction, and delay accepting it. It did not represent Ireland and Scotland, and could cause the UK itself to break up. A second confirming vote should be scheduled for a later time.