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Time for the Fed to Increase Interest Rates for Corporations

The Federal Reserve has maintained interest rates at a very low rate to boost economic expansion. Corporations haven't expanded enough to keep up for over 15 years, and wages have continued their 35 year decline. Corporations are not expanding, and don't intend to. Markets have to expand for corporations to expand, so the only thing corporations are doing is raising stock prices.

Despite record corporate profits and record stock market indexes, corporations are not driving the economy.  Their revenue is expected to flatten, and stock prices will not rise. There is no reason to keep interest rates low for all corporations. The only thing this is doing is making wealthy people wealthier through rising stock prices, which is sucking money out of the economy. Most likely stock prices will decline in coming months, hitting retirement investors hard.

Corporate America Is Finally Getting Nervous About Record-High Profit Margins

Small business are struggling to stay afloat. Americans are desperate for middle class jobs. This is where the Fed's attention needs to be: Building the economy, not building wealth. This includes mortgage companies large and small that make it possible for local builders and suppliers to thrive.

The Fed needs to focus low interest rates on the 80% of small business that hires 80% of the American people. These are the ones with the potential to create jobs.

This needs to be focused on community building, where permanent jobs are needed most.