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Hillary's Emails

I care a million times more about the government and companies having lazy standards that allow hackers to gain entrance to networks, and sell credit cards and national secrets to people who misuse it. They are the ones who should be run up a flag pole.

We have had government contractors who couldn't be bothered to take computer security seriously, and lose years of research data that exposes all of our military secrets.

We have had institutions that didn't bother to limit access to computers by personnel type and secrecy level. They took the information and passed it out.

We have had break-ins to non-secret government computers, and some secret ones, which shouldn't happen if they are up to date, and passwords are protected.

We have had company after company lose credit card data to hackers, causing people hours of work to undo the results, because they can't be bothered with keeping their security up to date.

Tell me again why Hillary's email is important.