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Obama's Feckless Middle East Policy

Listening to the political foreign policy and intelligence "leaders" on the news programs this morning, the victory of US Special Forces in taking out an ISIS finance leader in Syria was quickly forgotten, however the fall of Ramadi looked like the US lost the war - a war that isn't ours to even be involved in.

I agree with John McCain that our special forces would be better at guiding the bombing. But is that the right thing to do?

The Sunni leaders in Ramadi, during the US occupation to free Iraq and build a new government, were the first to attempt to throw the US out. Now Ramadi is occupied by ISIS, and has Shi'a  fighters about to throw ISIS out. Three very different Muslim groups who hate each other, warring in the same town. And the US should enter this melee?

The situation in the North of Iraq, Kirkuk, is similar. The US lost a lot of lives freeing Kirkuk, and turned it over to the Iraqi Army. The same with Tikrit. When ISIS arrived, the Iraqi Army fled, abandoning villages and equipment.  Now the Kurds, and a  A rag-tag army of Iraqi government soldiers, local Sunni tribesmen and Iranian-backed Shiite Muslim militias.  have liberated Kirkuk again, and the Kurds want it for their own (Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen inhabit Kirkuk - no Sunni nor Shi'ite).

Sunnis and Shi'ites are enemies. Iraq and Iran have been enemies.

The US should still occupy this area? It's like trying to stop the rain.

Hezbolla, a Shi'a religious military group based in Lebanon, and financed by Iran, announced that it will go assist Syria with its fight against ISIS. Iran is dominating in the fight against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.

These people, especially the leaders, have to decide that they have had enough war, and enough of killing each other and want peace. The presence of the US would only be a temporary restraining force delaying the inevitable fight for dominance in that area. Trying to keep peace in this fundamentally volatile area would bankrupt the US. We should not have American service people in the area - they would die in droves for nothing.

The President's National Security Legacy - The Brookings Institute.