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Reagan: Tear....Down....This....Wall

Maybe we should take our own advice. Right now we're having negative immigration from Mexico - more are fleeing the US than coming here.

Instead of worrying about who would come here from Mexico, or God forbid, that evil empire Canada, just start enforcing the laws. Don't allow people here illegally to work.

Maybe we should favor people from this continent for immigration, who come here and do low paying jobs, and stop favoring immigrants from the East and West who come here and take our good paying jobs.

As our own population stabilizes and declines, we will need immigration for growth. Immigration is good for the economy. And whoever buys goods here, legally or illegally, pays taxes here.

While European nations are working with thousands of refugees daily, we complain because children come here to avoid being killed in their own country.

Walls don't work. I say this over and over. If people want to get here, they will get here.  You build a tall wall, they bring a tall ladder. Or they go under it, cut a hole in it, or go around it. They swim across the grand canyon. We have thousands of miles of unprotected coastline, and as demonstrated by other nations, they will use it.

Cubans flee Cuba by any floating device they can find and come to the US. Syrians fleeing Syria and other war torn Middle Eastern countries, crossing the Mediterranean in overcrowded craft that are not sea worthy, and they die, but they come anyway.

The wall is a farce. It's an straw man erected by politicians to avoid addressing the issue. They just kick the issue down the road, waiting forever while the wall is built.   It will never be secure enough to suit politicians.