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Regressive Leaders and the Supreme Court

The Republican leaders' regressive stance is very evident in its stand on the Constitution. They want it interpreted exactly as the Founding Fathers envisioned it. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant. They had the advantage of the history of Europe with hundreds of years of religious war, kings and their rights violations and horrible taxation, and lord and serf economies, as a reference. They safeguarded us against those things.

They didn't have the advantage of the last 240 years of high change. They lived in a very different world. Our Founding Fathers had slow as a snail communications, not blink of an eye, around 90% of people worked in agriculture, not less than 10%, transportation was by foot or horse, slavery was legal, the Industrial Revolution had yet to have any impact, books were rare, electricity had not yet been harnessed, death in childhood was high, and the average age of death was around 35, with no retirement...

The idea that the Founding Fathers could see far into the future to help us with our changing world has no merit. Over and over these Republican leaders not only don't want progress, they want to go back in time to an earlier era. Doing so would ignore 240 years of change and law, such as the right of all citizens to vote, which were made to cope with our changing world.

We could amend the Constitution, and we have for great problems like slavery. But the pace of change in our world is very fast, and we would be amending it every other week. The Supreme Court sees ~125 cases a year that are so profound that they affect existing law. We need leaders for today's world, not 1776. Tell Republican Leaders to get real.

Editor - Dorian