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April 2021 alert to articles on Visual Writer

Always free, the Visual Writer Website began in 1996 as a resource site for writers in many fields. Initially it had a 40% Hollywood audience, and grew rapidly to gain a large international audience. In Jan-April, 2021 it remodeled with a focus on professional skills, and now includes a monthly newsletter, with more things in evaluation and planning.

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April was a busy month with a flurry of articles, releasing a backup about Professional skills for creating powerful stories, new resource listings, and discussion on the page.

  • Creating The Powerful Story. Before you decide to get all sophisticated with your writing, consider the things that sap the energy from it.
  • A career in communications - Is it right for you? Writer, reporter-newscaster, trainer, persuader, motivational speaker, teacher, team leader .... Whether it's your primary career, or part of another career, communication skills are a must.
  • Set Yourself Up for Success: Overcome procrastination and failure to launch. Fear of failure, fear of success, avoiding criticism, lack of confidence? We have to keep learning and moving ahead or we're just spinning our wheels.
  • Pro: What Vexes You? Write about it. Put it in a story. Make us laugh at ourselves until we pee down our leg. Comedy is the highest art even when it’s base and crass. Chances are, if it vexes you, it probably vexes others.
  • Pro: Professionals fail a lot Some things they fail at, and some they do very well. Do you think writing winning stories is easy? Would you be surprised to know that 3 of 5 professionally produced pilots each season, of the hundreds of TV pilots I’ve seen over the years, never make it to the TV screen? Lots of talent and money goes into failures.
  • New Resources
  • If you haven't discovered the benefits of a Coverfly subscription for screenwriters Well, you should. Not affiliated with the Visual Writer Website in any way, but I judge contests through it.
  • Pro: Pixar is one of the most successful storytellers They share their secrets in this free Khanacademy Youtube video series. Links offsite.
  • See many more great resources on the Resources tab on the Visual Writer Web site.
  • Whatever
  • Try a new way to get feedback on your work by publishing chapters on these sites, as I am. Just For Fun, FREE: You can follow, rate, and possibly comment on a story I'm writing, or get this on your own, as it is produced, weekly, one chapter-episode at a time: The Devil Did It, by Dorian Cole Mystery, Crime, Legal, all ages, G rating.Vocal, Kindle Vella, Fictionate. I do this to get audience feedback on what may become a published novel, play, or screenplay.


May 2021, If the creek don't rise: Think like a director or agent to create a selling vision for your novel, screenplay, or play.

Visit the Visual Writer Web site for over 400 articles on writing, the human condition, and story ideas.

- Dorian

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Death By Christmas

Christmas Comedy. An unscrupulous lawyer blunders into Christmas with the wrong attitude.

How To Write A Screenplay

How To Write A Screenplay Free.
Basic Guide

Nowhere Man

Thriller. Pandemic. Waking nightmares, distorted time perception, comas with no cure.

Careers: future of work

Careers. Preparing For The Future Of Work, Education, Economy. (One year of research and writing.) Free.

Unauthorized Access

Legal mystery. People with endless problems hide the truth to protect others.

Total Immersion

New Adult. Romantic Comedy. Mature themes. Romance strikeout compels a man to fully immerse himself in a 3D environment.

Liars Truth

Fantasy. Second chance in Hell means rescuing others.

Christian plays

Christian plays. Childrens sermons.

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