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Publishing, screenwriting, and playwriting are in constant change. How do you keep up?

Book Authors are at a major disadvantage of having their works even seen with an estimated 2000 new books uploaded to just Amazon every day. How do you get books before readers?

Screenwriters are faced with Hollywood being inundated with an estimated 60,000 spec scripts a year, but less than 50 are made into movies.

Playwrights may not know that if their play has over four characters, and has music, it may not get made.

How do you get reviews on books, movies, and plays? This blog.

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Professional doesn’t mean “published,” “scripts sold,” “plays produced,” or “best seller.” Many people, like producers, directors, and publishers, work in these industries behind the scenes and have a great deal of knowledge, and are recognized here.

Those who know the industry know that Hollywood buys less than 50 spec scripts a year out of a possible 60,000 submissions, opportunities are growing in streaming outlets. Self publishing for novels is the industry recommendation for most authors and likely more lucrative if done right. These industries are in continuous change.

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Launching January 2021

Authors are always in need of people to review their work and write ratings and reviews. This is free to both readers and writers.

Readers agree (honor agreement) that you aren’t a writer (competitor), someone with an axe to grind, won’t plagiarize, are not paid or associated with the writer, are not just trying to get a free read, will read the entire book, play, article, or screenplay (or not leave a rating or review), and that you will leave a rating and possibly a review unless you were not interested in the story.

Editing is not part of this, but if you see a problem you are welcome to report it.

Writers agree to allow you to read the material for free.

This is different from review sites that require you to buy the book. You may be asked to leave the review on services like Amazon. The writer may link to these reviews.

Reviews with a 3.5 (5 scale), will be eligible to display their book on this blog. As a statistical Best Practice, outlier reviews will be omitted from statistics unless the preponderance of reviews is exceptionally low.

Review Guide: Story Reviews and Ratings For Novels, Screenplays, and Plays

To apply to be a reader, contact Dorian through Facebook Messenger.


Dorian Scott Cole is a professional, multidisciplinary communicator, with education and experience in writing, engineering technology, psychology, religion, radio announcing, acting, and movie and TV production, having had full careers in several fields.

He worked as a senior development analyst for Writers Workshop, L.A., which was supported by all of the major studios. He teaches writing and acting in independent settings, and has written since 1996.

In business he was a manager at several companies, including field engineer, technical writer, Web designer, training developer, regional manager with P&L experience, marketing manager, and product manager.

He is the author of several books on writing, several Web sites, and produced entertainment videos through his company, Movie Stream Productions. His production series, STL Comedy, included 22 professional actors, and 10 writers. He is a behind the scenes veteran of hundred of focus groups on TV programs.

Dorian lives near St. Louis.

Publishing: Amazon and Smashwords.

Contact is primarily through Facebook Messenger:

Other Web sites:

Movie Stream Productions (movie making)

One Spirit Resources (spirituality and religion)

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