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The Visual Writer Web site and blog provides free but copyrighted material. Free doesn’t mean that it is “public domain.” Use is restricted.

Copyright: The information provided on the Visual Writer Website and blog is copyrighted material, copyrighted to the person making the post. Material is subject to national and international law, and can’t be distributed in any form by any person or institution, in whole or in part, for any commercial purpose or for the purpose of providing collections of information, posting as articles or posts on Web magazines or sites, or as part of another person’s or institution’s work.

Social Media: Standard sharing on social media through the buttons provided is encouraged, but not stealing from this site and posting on social media as the person’s own or unattributed.

Citations: Standard citations, properly attributed, including quotes and brief portions of material are acceptable and encouraged.

Educational use: Educational institutions and writers groups can use excerpts as long as the author’s name, Web address, and copyright notice appear on the page. Any other use requires arrangements through direct consultation with the author.

Linking: Linking to this site is encouraged.

Including any page on this site within another site through frame sets, copying, embedding, or by any other means is prohibited. Linking to any graphics file or program on this site is prohibited.

Plagiarism (copying)

While properly attributed quotes from this site are encouraged, unattributed copying and other improper use are likely to be discovered. This site is routinely scanned by antiplagiarism companies such as Turnitin.com and grammarly.com/plagiarism-checker, which detect improper use of material.

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